Party poker review - Online poker

Soon after being established in 2001, Party Poker online poker became one of the world’s premier online poker rooms, and did so very quickly. Within weeks of going live thousands of players visited the site, making it very easy to find a game at all hours of the day. At peak hours up to 70,000 players could be found in the room playing one of the many games offered on the Party Poker site. While the numbers drastically declined after Party Poker made the decision to no longer accept US players in 2006, the site has almost fully recovered. While they have lost their number one ranking as the world’s largest poker room, they are still among the tops for sites that don’t accept US players. Thanks to quick and easy to use game play, along with big-named poker spokesmen, Party Poker is extremely attractive to first- time players. Which keeps the fish-quotient high and the action hot and moving?

Party Poker offers an average amount of games, and they tend to keep it pretty standard. While this limits your options it insures that you know what you’re getting into. They offer a 7 card stud, Omaha, Pot limit Omaha, and the 3 standard versions of Texas Hold ‘Em; Pot Limit, No Limit, and Limit. All pretty standard, but they all draw high traffic. The traffic in Limit Texas Hold ‘Em is by far the highest, with stakes ranging from $.5/$.10 upwards of $100/$200, with looser games the action tends to be better in the lower limit rooms.

Party Poker online also offers a variety of ‘Beginner’ tables at micro stakes ranges for No Limit and Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. The stakes are considerably lower, ranging from $.02/$.04 to $1.00/$2.00. These tables are great for those just starting out, and are designed to help the newbies gain confidence, in hopes of luring them to the larger stakes tables.

The stakes for the Omaha tables start at $.50/$1.00 and cap out at $30/$60. The Omaha tables are the weakest numbers wise on the site but are steadily improving thanks to the new marketing scheme. Party Poker has decided to target the European players for the Omaha tables, offering gifts and bonus codes to entice the crowd. The action at the Pot Limit tables is definitely stronger than the others, but is still the weakest area of the site.

The 7 card games are pretty standard numbers and stakes wise. The action is pretty steady and they draw a decent crowd. Not the strongest point of the site, but the game play is ever lacking and you can always find a game going on. They offer a variety of consistent Sit and Go tables in single and multi-table formats. A single Sit and Go buy in can range from $3.00- $530. The table options come in 2, 6, 8, and 10 tables, which makes for a good selection and promises players can find what they’re looking for. The multi tables offered are 20, 30, and 50 seats and don’t fill up terribly fast, which sometimes requires a long wait. The Multi Table tournament line up is offered in a variety of combinations and prize pools, making sure everyone can find a game they’re interested in at any time of the day.

The game play is easy to navigate and the software is simple, which allows for a no frills smooth experience. You also get the option of creating private tables as well. This allows you to orchestrate a private game between you and your friends, which is great when it’s not possible to have everyone over for a poker night. Special games and stakes are offered throughout the week, which makes for a great draw even on traditionally slower days.