Titan poker review - Online poker


The growth and popularity of online poker is significant in the last few years. More and more people are joining online poker almost everyday. This game is mainly played with the intention of making money. When it comes to online poker sites, there are many and Titan online poker is considered to be prominent as far as online poker rooms are concerned.

The inception of Titan Poker dates back to 2005. Titan Poker belongs to the iPoker network and US players are not allowed to join the network. A large number of players are members at this site and you can find more than 60,000 players playing during the peak hours.

You can enjoy playing online poker in the Titan online poker room. One of the best loyalty programs and sign-up bonuses is offered by it. The features and functionality of the software are also worth a mention because it can help you have a pleasurable gaming experience. You can enjoy different free rolls and a lot of tournaments which can help you win handsome amounts provided you are adept at the game. On the downside, US players cannot play Titan Poker.

The Titan Poker is different from other poker games in that it has a large screen and is fairly simple to play. You can also deposit money in Titan Poker easily without having to go through credit card issues. There are sites that provide you with more number of deposit options than other sites. You can deposit money using one of the 20 different modes. Some of the features in the PlayTech software are unique such as player notes, Multi currency option, Mini view and others. This software is also available in several languages.

Excellent customer service is also offered by Titan Poker to its clients. This has helped them to earn an award in 2007 and enabled them to retain their customers. Services are offered to customers through phone, mails and fax. Titan poker will be the perfect choice for you if you are looking to enjoy international standards coupled with healthy competition. With Titan poker, you can get a chance to play with people from all parts of the world and will not have to miss high value promotions.


The software for Titan Poker is developed by PlayTech and is available in 11 languages. Fast downloading through frequent updates is possible through the use of this software. The unique features of this software includes no-limit and pot limit ring games, buddy list function, live floor managers and sound alternatives. You can also know about special bonuses using the live help window. Since players take a lot of time in taking decisions, the game flows slowly but smoothly.

Users can play at eight tables simultaneously while playing Titan Poker. Playing at multi-tables becomes easy with the mini-view function. The graphics are eye catching and your eyes will never tire out because of the blue theme.

Game Variety

You can enjoy an array of games while playing Titan Poker. The following are some of the games that can be enjoyed in the poker room.

Omaha HI – Limit and Pot-Limit
Texas Hold’em – Limit, No-Limit and Pot-Limit
Five-Card Stud Hi – Limit and Pot-Limit
Omaha Hi-Lo - Limit and Pot-Limit
Seven-Card Stud Hi - Limit and Pot-Limit


The Titan Poker room tournaments are widely promoted by the poker room. Around the globe large teams of members have been selected to play live events from here. The $3.6 million European Championship of Online Poker is also run by it. A wide variety of games such as head-ups, scheduled tournaments, and special jackpot sit’n’go can be played for huge sums of money. You can also get a chance to participate and win weekly freerolls.


There is a lot of competition going on in the online poker rooms always. More people are interested to play the Limit and No Limit games. For making more money, you can select the no Limit games. A majority of players are interested to play this type of casino games.

Customer Support

Titan Poker offers email and phone support 24/7. Their customer staffs are very polite and can answer your queries in a timely manner accurately. It has also received prizes for reliable customer service.

Payment Options

For playing Titan Poker or online poker, customers can select from several deposit and cash withdrawal options such as Visa, MasterCard, Check, Moneybookers, Citadel, Instacash, Firepay, Ecocard, Instadebit, wire transfer, bank draft and others.


In short, a poker room like Titan Poker online offers something special that is lacked by others. It enables users to enjoy a thrilling game of poker while maintaining game integrity, financial security and players' privacy intact.

Also the operators of Titan Poker take all efforts to ensure that the games run by them are fair, pleasant and honest. Their main goal is to maintain transparency and prevent schemes. They use a combination of human supervising and automated tools to prevent collusion or suspicious activities among players. Any type of irregularity can be immediately spotted by Titan Poker's updated monitoring system.