Online poker

The world of online poker playing has taken the world by storm. People all over the usa are inlove with the idea of being able to play poker from the comfert of their homes. There are many different places online that offer online poker playing for those of us in the USA, such as Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker and Titan Poker. All of these poker sites offer different types of bonuses that will give you extra cash to play with.

It does not matter if you want to use your own money to gamble with or want to use the first time player bonuses that gives you a certain amount of the sites own money that can be used to gamble with. For the people that are just learning to play poker, there are many places that will let you play for free with out risking any of your own cash.

One of the great things about these online poker sites is the fact that they also giive you the chance to either talk to professional poker players or you can watch online poker videos that will guide you though all the hands possible. To play online poker, you will have to agree to download and install the software needed. The software needed to run the poker games are harmless and do not take up that much space on your harddrive. You will also need to make an account so that you can return to the game at anytime you choose and not run the risk of loosing any money you have won.

All the online poker sites offer many types of poker games that you can play, such as Texas Hold 'Em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, Stud Poker, and many more. When you decide one what type of game you would like to play, you now have to decide if you want to play at a sit and go, this is a table that allows up to seven people to play at one time. As it can be a fast paced game, you need to pay attention to the amount of what people are betting and what is being played. This sort of sit and go table is what is called a single table and only the top three players get paid or win poker points. There are other types of sit and go tables that require you to move on to other tables once you have won the first round. These type of sit and go table have much higher stakes and will take longer than the ones that only have seven players at a time.

If sit and go does not offer you the excitemement that you are looking for, there are games that are very fast paced and require you to out last a lot of people. It is called the ring game. Here you have the choice of betting or folding on each hand and once you do, you are moved to a different table. If you do not pay close attention to this game, the chances of out lasting the other players will be extremely slim. There are challenging and exciting cash tournaments where you can win a great deal of money and even be invited to join higher tournaments where the fun and the excitement is even greater.

Full Tilt Poker has ongoing games twenty-four hours a day, so there will always be something for you to enjoy and their bonuses vary depending on what you choose. There are some online poker rooms that will not allow you to use your own money depending on what state you live in, but the games are many and if you want the chance to play for prizes and not just cash you will not be dissapointed whatsoever.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that when you are playing at any online poker site is that the games are real. They are not just computer generated to make you feel like you are playing with real people. You have chat boxes where you are able to speak to other players, but keep in mind that not every one that play at these sites will be American or that they will even be polite to you.

Some other online poker sites do not keep a close eye on what the players do or say, and that ruins the fun of playing there. Also there is the chance that when you have decided what poker site you want to download and install, you will be gambling against thousands of people for small amounts of cash. For the beginner poker player, it is advisable to choose a site like Poker Party or Full Tilt Poker, simply because while there are a lot of people, these two are a few of the safe sites and the amount of games and prizes are far better then the other sites that you will find elsewhere.

The software that you need to download and install on your hard drive can be scanned for viruses before you install the software. There is nothing hard or time consuming about downloading the required software as long as you have the space on your computer and high speed internet connection. In fact, the download time is quicker then you might think and once you have clicked all the right answers to get the poker site's software, the site will open and you will then be prompted to set up your personal account.

Making an account at these online poker sites will include a bit of personal information, such as your name, birthdate, state, country and zip code. You will also be asked to choose a user name and password- that's all there is to it. You will be able to sign in as soon as you have finished setting up your account.

Once you have made the account and have signed in you can go to the cashier where you can choose your bonus and then decide if you would like to make a deposit . You will also be able to choose how much you want to deposit and while all sites have a set minimum. As an example on deposits, Full Tilt Poker will allow you to deposit as little as ten dollars.